The hands-on research part of our workshop is modeled on the kind of work Occupy Michigan has posted to their website. Which means, we want to know the broad strokes, at this point, of where tuition money is invested on campus, what the capital investment and construction projects cost and how they’re financed here, what the Board of Regents make up is, how much debt is transacted by students here and how UW utilizes that debt in the form of tuition, and what impact changing tuition costs has had on the student composition at UW Madison.

Check out our template here if you haven’t already: http://occupyumich.tumblr.com/post/17964447678/welcome-to-the-university-of-michigan-the-engine-of

In the top of our site’s navigation is a section “University Finances Research” where this information will be parked as we develop it. You can find the resources and information we’ve dug up under the research topic headings, also linked below.

• General Resources for Research

• Tuition costs/Debt costs/Admissions

     • Construction and Capital Projects

     • Administrative vs. Faculty costs/ Outside Consulting costs

     • Adjunct Labor

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